A Girl

A girl can have many dreams.

A dream of happiness, of success.

The dream of becoming who she is,

And of who she will be.

A doctor…

An artist, a writer…

A traveler, a role model…

A web developer.

A girl never stops dreaming.

A girl can become whatever her heart desires.

It needs no question. No adversions;

If she wills it, she gets it.

Society says, “Just pick one.”

But why?



Why must a girl stick with “Just one,”

When her heart yearns for them all.

A girl never stops dreaming.

A girl will become everything her heart desires.


Oh the amount of nerves firing under my skin. It has taken me a lot of courage and a lot of balls to publish my poem on my blog. This poem exemplifies how I currently feel in terms of where my future will lead me and which careers I plan on pursuing.

Thank you!

City of Steel: My Week in Pittsburgh,PA

“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself” — Plato

Oh Pittsburgh! Thank you for the week I spent within your city walls. I collected plentiful amounts of  memories, and spent a lot of time thinking about endless topics while roaming your hilly streets. Thank you for being my first stop on my new journey of life as a solo traveler. 6 days wasn’t enough to fully appreciate the glories of this magnificent city carved from the Allegheny mountains. I was blessed to experience the little I had explored. In addition, bless my amazing friend who let me crash at her place to provide companionship in her new city and to her rad housemates who accepted me as one of them. Each day was spend exploring, reflecting, and learning.



Okay ladies now let’s get in formation. My very first day was spent touring the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning a.k.a Cathy in Oakland, eating Iranian food at the Conflict Cafe located at the entrance of Schenley Park, and finally experiencing my first concert watching Beyoncé perform at Heinz Field! The Nationality Rooms in Cathy were absolutely whimsical and with each room it felt as though I was traveling through time and traveling around the world. That is how close to detail each room was! Conflict Cafe is such an ingenious idea for a restaurant because it allows for insight about the countries the United States is in conflict with. Currently Conflict Cafe features Iranian cuisine and it is absolutely delicious! I had bought the dish Khoresht-E Fesenjan, chicken marinated with pomegranate and walnuts served with steamed rice. My mouth is watering just thinking of how great the dish tasted! Lastly, I was giddy with excitement and wonder throughout the whole concert. Beyonce is a very talented and amazing performer and entertainer. It was a lot of fun singing along and dancing to all of her songs, new and old. I was deeply moved by her tribute to the late Prince, so much so I began to cry. I wasn’t a huge fan of Beyonce before the concert, but I definitely am now. I can’t stop listening to her Lemonade album.


Enrich your soul by stepping back in time. Museums have and will always be one of my favorite places to explore. There is so much knowledge in one place that continuously feeds my thirst for learning. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History wasn’t an exception. It was magnificent to explore the extensive collection of gems and minerals. I couldn’t help but think of creating gemsonas inspired by the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. For lunch I ate a delectable grilled chicken sandwich at the Carnegie Cafe located within the museum. Highlight of my trip to the museum was seeing the dioramas of my favorite species, Giraffes and Sauropods. If you can’t tell, I have a love for animals with abnormally long necks.


Even tourist need a rest day. Considering I had done a lot of walking on Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided to stay inside on thursday. I was able to spend time with the girls who lived in the apartment with my friend and watch Game of Thrones with them.


Spontaneous decisions create the best memories. After sleeping in until noon, the girls and I decided to venture to North Shore and visit the Andy Warhol museum. I didn’t expect to tap into my creative juices as much as I did while strolling through the museum. Every floor contained beautiful and heart touching pieces made by Andy Warhol himself and Ai Weiwei another contemporary artist. Many of my favorite pieces left a lasting feeling in my soul. I loved every moment! After visiting the gift shop at the end of my tour around the museum I purchased a small notepad which is perfect for when I am traveling and have a quick idea pop up in my head. I strolled around the North Shore neighborhood and stumbled upon a small park that had a beautiful marble and granite monument sculpture that reminded me of a place of spiritual importance. From the steps of the sculpture you can see the river, the many bridges Pittsburgh is famed for, and the magnificent skyscrapers of Downtown Pittsburgh. There I met a fellow blogger, Shannon,  and she was so sweet. Check out her blog: Eat,Sleep,Make! Thank you for taking pictures for me. Across the bridge, I went into Downtown. I had no idea where I was going but somehow managed to walk to PPG place. Ironically that is where my friend is currently interning at so I was able to catch up with her after work. The fountain in front of the glass castle that is PPG industries was so miraculous and peaceful to watch. Instead of ordering food in the area my friend and I decided to get Chinese closer to her home in Oakland; where I had the spontaneous idea of getting my very first tattoo at the tattoo shop right next to where we got our dinner. Josh Hayward, JzaJosh on Instagram, is the owner of the tattoo shop and he is simply amazing at his craft. Thank you so much!


A day spent acting like children. A road trip to Pittsburgh own historical amusement park, Kennywood, consumed much of my day. We arrived just as the park had opened it’s doors and made our way around each and every rollercoaster at least once, some of our favorites were ridden twice! I love the anticipation, the adrenaline that surges through my veins as I sit in my seat with a brace blocking me from falling  as the cart rides up and up and up to the peak of the coaster before plunging down back to the ground in a series of loops and turns and roundabouts. The most beautiful sights are viewed on the top of a tall rollercoaster. We ate burgers at Johnny Rockets, Italian Ice at Rita’s, and endless amounts of cotton candy. I truly felt like a child again and it is a feeling that I will cherish for a long time. After returning to Oakland, I wanted to have fun before my 11pm bus ride back to the City That Never Sleeps. Meeting friends of friends and making connections with some pretty rad lads in South Side was a great way of ending my week in the City of Steel.

Thank you so much Pittsburgh for the adventures I found in your city. Until next time!


Monthly Wrapup #1

“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment in time over which you have any control: Now.” — Denis Waitley

My oh my! How fast the time flies by! We are near the half-way mark of the year 2016!

This month of may was the first month back home and the start of my new life. Even though there were minimal travels and adventures, I discovered new things about myself and of the place I call home.

{My Month In Pictures}


  • Explored my neighborhood of Ridgewood and discovered plenty shops such as Topos Book Cafe, Milk&Pull, and Trinity Tattoo Collective.
  • Caught up with Natalia, my best friend of six years.
  • Met my mother’s boyfriend and his children.
  • Mother’s day dinner with the amazing women in my life.
  • Learning that the ovarian cyst the size of a jumbo chicken egg (huge I know!) plagued me no more and had shrunk into nothing!


  • Having back to back migraines for 2 weeks.
  • Constant sleepless nights.
  • Quarter life crisis brought on because of my uncertainty of the future and the little support and guidance I received.

{What I Read,Watched, Heard, and Ate}

  • Read

    • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
      • I give this wonderful book a rating of 10/5 starts (Yes it is possible, and yes this book is that amazing). The sequel to Maas’s book series A Court of Thorns and Roses is a 600+ paged novel of eloquently written words, heart wrenching plots, and a multitude of dynamic characters who show great development from page 1 to page 624. I cannot wait to read the third installment when it is published in 2017!
  • Watched

    • Young&Hungry (Freeform)
    • Game of Thrones (HBO)
    • The Real (WNYW)
    • DeadPool
    • Captain America: Civil War
  • Ate

    • Shiro of Japan in Glendale,Queens.
      • New Japanese restaurant that recently opened its doors at Atlas Park in Glendale,Queens. At the door, the hostess gives you the option of habachi or sit-down settings. The wait staff is super polite and helped with creating a calming ambiance in the restaurant. It is quite pricey to eat here as the bento box I ordered was $40; however,  the food is 100% worth it.IMG_6739
  • Listo Chimi in Ridgewood,Queens
    • Listo Chimi is a Dominican owned fast-food restaurant with all of the fritua (fried food) a Dominican, like myself, would fall in love with. They have patacons ( meat sandwich made with large smashed fried plantain as bun), empanadas, chichron, chimichurri, and a large array of fresh fruit juices and smoothies. They are open until late into the night available for any late-night munchies that occur.


  • Published my new blog with its own domain name.
  • Sought out professional help to make mental illnesses (anxiety and depression) more manageable.
  • Organized my room (I was living out of my suitcases from university for half the month).
  • Booked my upcoming tattoo sessions for my quarter sleeve!
  • Made the decision to go bra-less; It’s been 2 weeks since the decision and I never felt better!

{Looking Ahead}

  • June TBR

    • A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston
    • The Wrath & The Dawn by  Renee Ahdieh
    • Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard
  • Life Tales

    • Beyoncé Formation Tour concert
    • Week in Pittsburgh
    • Visiting family in Philadelphia and in the DMV area
  • Habit builder/smasher

    • Drink 2L of water daily
    • Sleep and wake up earlier
  • Goal to accomplish

    • Begin forming workout routine that sticks


Welcome Home

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”                     — Maya Angelou

For my whole life, New York City has been my home. From birth on March 3rd in Park Slope, Brooklyn to Sunset Park to Bushwick, and finally to my current neighborhood, Ridgewood, Queens. I moved to this quite middle class neighborhood at the age of 9 with my mother and older brother.

Off the bat, I hated the neighborhood and my apartment. Although I didn’t have a legitimate reason to. In my 9-year-old mind this was the place that took me away from my friends. I was worried about starting a new school and of making new friends. Very typical fears of a child; I would imagine.

Time passed and I made my official decision that I was sick and tired of this place. To me New York City – Ridgewood was boring. (My thoughts about my hometown were generally thought of as “crazy” because New York City was a city that so many adore and dream of residing within) I, therefore, moved out to a suburban town outside of Philadelphia. Finally somewhere new and exciting!

Four years later and I am back in the city that never sleeps.


As a side-effect of being bitten by the travel bug, my eyes were open to the countless adventures awaiting for me in this city that has been my home for as long as I can recall. It is time I give New York City a chance. A chance to show me its wonders. A chance to fall in love with the city, just as countless of others have fallen in love with it.


Summer ’16 Goals

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Oh how I love the summer season! The warm summer nights, beautiful beaches, endless opportunities for adventure, little to no responsibility, and an abundance of airy and colorful sundresses to pick from. As one of my favorite seasons, I am trembling with excitement for whatever adventures I will find myself in. As with every upcoming season, I have a tradition of jotting down some of my goals. I definitely recommend you do the same!

10 Goals for Summer 2016

  1. Heal mentally and spiritually
  2. Buy my first car
  3. Read 15-20 books
  4. Get my first tattoo
  5. Draw something everyday
  6. Publish blog post weekly
  7. Save between $50 – $150 weekly
  8. Do one new thing a month
  9. Organize and decorate bedroom to suit personality and taste
  10. Exercise and try to eat healthy* (emphasis on try)

I would love to hear your goals for this summer in the comments section down below!


I dropped out of college, Now what?

It’s fine to celebrate successes, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. –Bill Gates

If you would’ve told me a year or two ago about my current situation, I would’ve given you the cold shoulder.

I would’ve said, “No way! I have my whole life planned out and nothing is going to change it!”

But look at me now, a twenty year old who did the complete opposite of what was planned, a college dropout with no clue as to where life might go.

Why drop out of school? You may ask.

For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of making a difference in the world and I had always thought it pertained to becoming a doctor. I’ve always loved hearing myself say “the future Dr.Krizia Bruno” in front of a mirror. I was really good at math and science, had a passion for it, in fact I enjoyed reading medical journals for fun (still do). However, slowly but surely over the course of my college career I began to lose my focus, my drive, and most importantly I lost my life long dream of becoming a doctor. Maybe it was failing pre-calculus, the first time ever failing a course, or maybe it was my location that had affected me so negatively. (Keep in mind I went to a small university smacked in the middle of mountains of northwest Pennsylvania, of which my friends and I like to call purgatory)

My sophomore year at purgatory began and ended as messed up as it can be. In a span of nine months I had lost some of my best friends, made new friends, fell in love,  had my heart broken, partied a lot, turned to drugs and alcohol, experienced the death of a lover, and sometime between winter and spring break I gave up and picked up a “IDGAF” attitude. All the while I tried to keep maintaining high to okayish grades but as second semester came round it was getting harder and harder to find the motivation to even get out of bed let alone attend my classes.

I made the decision to transfer to a different university, one closer to home. Then, I made the decision to change my major. I was acknowledging that maybe being a doctor isn’t for me. Now I’m acknowledging that maybe being in college isn’t for me… for now at least.

I do know that I’m not the same person I was last year. I am someone who has endured a constant war between who I am, who I want to be, and who I mustn’t be.

So this brings me to now with my official decision to leave university. I had once thought that if I had every single detail of my life planned with a backup plan that I would be okay. Unfortunately, I was painstakingly wrong. I am unsure of what I want to do. Of what I want to become.

Others tell me choose what you’re good at or choose what makes you happy.

What are you suppose to do if multiple things make you happy? How am I suppose to stick to just one thing and forget the rest?

Right now, I can’t.

I would rather figure this out outside of school, instead of racking up more student loan debt and wasting time at a place I know I do not belong.

A little time has passed since I moved back home, and I have reflected on my time in Purgatory. There were some really high high’s and some really low low’s. Each moment is as significant as the next and I will never forget my time there.

I dropped out of school, now what?

Well first things first, it’s not a bad thing that I am now a college dropout… at least I don’t think so.

Everyone tells me over and over again, “you’ll go nowhere without a college degree nowadays.”

Maybe they are right, but then again maybe they are wrong.

The truth is I do not know and I need to find out the answer for myself. I need to grow, heal, mature, and better prepare myself before I decided to go back to school. This might take me a year or maybe even five years.

In the end, I will yet again be a different person and with experiences that many people will simply not understand.

And that’s okay. Everything will be okay.


First Impressions

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Hello and Welcome to TinyBlueBackpack!

I am Krizia, a twenty year old NYC native with a burning sensation to travel the world.

Still a newbie to the traveling scene, in fact my first time outside of the United States was March 2016. I spent a weekend in Toronto, Canada at the end of my spring break with two of my best friends from college. It was a blast and I was bit with the travel bug ever since!

After a series of unexpected events to occur has left me feeling lost and unsure of myself.

This is where the birth of Tiny Blue Backpack plays a significant role. There is one thing I know for sure, I want to travel as much as I can as well as finding my true self. This blog will be my homage, a sanctuary, and the place where all of my future ventures will be recorded.

So join me in this voyage of self-discovery and the many, many experiences with my tiny blue backpack in tow, of course!