A Girl


A girl can have many dreams. A dream of happiness, of success.

The dream of becoming who she is,

And of who she will be.

A doctor...

An artist, a writer...

A traveler, a role model...

A web developer.

A girl never stops dreaming.

A girl can become whatever her heart desires.

It needs no question. No adversions;

If she wills it, she gets it.

Society says, "Just pick one."

But why?



Why must a girl stick with "Just one,"

When her heart yearns for them all.

A girl never stops dreaming.

A girl will become everything her heart desires.


Oh the amount of nerves firing under my skin. It has taken me a lot of courage and a lot of balls to publish my poem on my blog. This poem exemplifies how I currently feel in terms of where my future will lead me and which careers I plan on pursuing.

Thank you!