Writing Tips I hope I follow

  1. According to Writer's Digest and their tips for great storytelling, one must "embrace idiosyncracies." Your characters shouldn't be perfect, they must reflect the human experiences. Which means they must have unexplainable behaviors. Use their weirdness to push the story further and pull the reader in.
  2. Justawritingaid on Tumblr said, "Introduce big details of the setting of a scene first, then weave smaller details throughout. Your reader shouldn't learn that it's nighttime halfway through the second page, suddenly plunging their visualization into the dark." I realized I follow this tip with everything that I write. However, I can get a little too detailed, or my vocabulary is very lyrical to the point where I can't move the story along.

  3. Chris Guillebeau tells his readers to take their time to get it right. This is something I am very good at, maybe too good. Generally, it takes me about a month to get a 1000 word short story from first to finished draft. I make sure I read my words out loud, I have friends who are my beta readers, and I ask one or two of my professors to give me their professional opinions. This may be too long but it works right for me.