The Curse of a Multipotentialite

Over the summer, I get to spend a lot of time doing the things I enjoy to do without the stress of assignments or work to do, such as sleeping, painting, writing, and browsing the web. One night during the summer between my sophomore and junior year as a Pitt student, I stumbled upon a Ted Talk by Emilie Wapnic, "Why some of us don't have one true calling?" , and my mind exploded as my synapsis formed thousands of connections and realizations. Ms.Wapnic mentions that she always picked up a new interest or hobby and dove right in on it full speed to later get tired, drop it, and repeat steps one and two. As she was speaking, I was just in shock, "Omg she's describing me. I don't know what I should major in because I like too many things! I must listen to what she has to say." She introduced me to the term multipotentialite. It means a person who has many interests and creative pursuits. (Very similar to the term polymath) Instantly I associated myself with the term, and when I am asked to state something that I like, which a common icebreaker during the beginning of the school year I freeze up and blurt out the first word that pops up in my head. That's where my response "sleeping" came to be.

Several of my interests and hobbies include: traveling, drawing and painting, discovering new music, reading and writing, women's lifestyle and health, mental health awareness, video games, comic books, youtube, dance, faeries and folklore/mythology, witchcraft and spirituality. Just to name a few :]

As I think of magazines that I normally read and others that target the things that I like, I would hope being a multipotentialite ought to come in handy. Here are 10 magazines and why I think my work would find a comfy home between the covers.

  1. Tin House - One of my favorite literary magazines that publish old and new writers from around the world. Many of my works have a seasonal vibe which would align with their publishing schedule of fall, summer, and winter issues. For Spring 2018, the theme is Candy.  Writers of all walks of life can submit a story/essay of at least 10k words, or up to 5 poems per submission. 
  2. Travel + Leisure - I created Tinybluebackpack as a gateway into the travel journalism sphere. I provide a refreshing perspective of the places I've visited because of my unique composition as a broke college student, new yorker, and an afro-latina. Time Inc is the parent company. 
  3. Witch Craft Magazine - I am a newcomer of the lifestyle and as I am learning more about it I enjoy writing about my own findings and thoughts regarding the sabbath holidays, astronomy and astrology, and crystals. This magazine only allows for 1 submission per period.
  4. ImagineFX - I can share my digital painting process, as well as tips and tricks for creating comics. Recently I purchased Procreate and have been meaning to write a review on the app.
  5. Cactus Heart - Due to the poetic voice I write my prose in, I think my nonfiction pieces would fit in Cactus Heart because of their goal to conjoin literature and art. Payment is a free copy of the issue in which your work is featured in.
  6. Broad! - This magazine exclusively publishes female writers and I am a woman who enjoys writing about feminine topics. Currently, they are closed for submissions, which is heartbreaking but no biggie. 
  7. ELLE - One of my favorite commercial "women's" magazine that encourages me to stay up to date with all the latest trends.
  8. Bitchmedia - I've written many essays on the feminist perspective
  9. Rivet - I am at the stage of life where I am experimenting a lot with my writing style, art style, and personal style
  10. Baily's Beads - The literary magazine at UPB will always be a place that I would submit my work to, and encourage other writers to do so as well because it is a great stepping stone into the literary world, and writers can have a personal relationship with the editors and staff since it is composed of students.