Picking at My Brain for Ideas 1: How-To

As much as I enjoy reading how-to’s I have come to the realization that I should take my time and thoroughly plan out what I want to do, how I should write them and where I would like to see these articles published.

Some ideas I’ve conjured up with the help of family and friends on Facebook and twitter are:

  1. How to celebrate Mabon as a college student
  2. Dear White People: How to be an ally
  3. How to balance school and your health
  4. Hair transformations without pulling your hair out
  5. How to love your blackness
  6. How to have a successful situationship
  7. How to tour New York as a New Yorker

Specifically, # 2, 4, and 5 are centered around being black and celebrating blackness since it is often not the case. I was thinking of writing #4 as a prose/nonfiction piece about my own hair journey. Also, the term situationship is one I came up with when describing my love life to my friends, and I believe I’ve become quite the expert on that form of college relationships.

I have trouble figuring out where I would be able to publish these articles and would enjoy feedback and advice.